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Frank Blume is a Principal Director and Registered Tax Agent. He is also CPA, MBus Acc and a voting member of NTAA who combines wealth of financial knowledge and project management (PM) experience. Based overseas for nearly 15 years as CFO of “blue chip” corporates Frank has an extensive practical understanding tax laws, regulations and financial institutions of USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, The Philippines.

The last 7 years Frank was based in USA (California and Texas), as CFO of the oil & gas company that grew from a scratch to multi-million dollar business that continues to operate successfully till present.

His professional motto is “Any business in any industry who want to succeed- big or small - needs to be run with a military precision”.

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    Our Business Services include

      Sole Trader business accounts.

      Partnership accounts.

      Trust/Company Accounts.

      Structuring of your business and new entity set ups.

      Annual Taxation returns and financial reporting.

      Corporate management and compliance.

      Small Business Concessions.

      Capital gains.


    What Client Say

    Frequently asked questions

    1What accounting software should I use?
    There are many software platforms on the market, all with their niches. We recommend using cloud-based software, and the market leader is Xero. Xero ensures real time management of your books and gives you the information you need to run your business. You can work anywhere, anytime, and save time on books. It's easy to collaborate with your bookkeeper and accountant, to grow your business.
    2Why do I need an accountant?
    Accountants do more than just prepare your tax returns and financial statements. We are strategic advisers who help you make the right decisions to grow your business. Choosing the right accountant is essential to any business owner achieving financial success. Accountants for individuals are equally important as they provide you with the expertise on claiming the right deductions at tax time. With the ever increasing data matching and scrutiny from the ATO on individual tax payer deductions, a good accountant can ensure you claim the correct deductions.
    3What other services does an accountant provide?
    We can provide a wide range of accounting services, including:
    • Taxation compliance and advice
    • Business coaching
    • Accounting software implementation
    • Retirement planning
    • Business structuring
    4Where’s all my cash gone?
    This is a common question we get asked when, for example, a profit and loss statement show a profit of $100,000, yet the bank balance is in overdraft. There are the common areas where your cash might have gone, whilst not affecting the bottom line, including :
    • Purchase of stock
    • Purchase of plant and equipment
    • Pay down of loans
    • Money you are owed


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