Financial Consultancy & Advice

Our industry experienced consultants help all sorts of businesses to find and implement solutions to a wide variety of problems, including those related to business start-up, marketing, manufacturing, strategy, organization structure, cost optimization, environmental compliance, health and safety, technology, and communications.

In addition to size of the operation and field of specialty, we can provide you consulting to help your finances.

For example, our advisory consultant analyses the problem and turns recommendations over to the client but is not involved in implementation of the solution.

In contrast, our operational consultancy model is such that they remain on hand to assist the client in proper implementation or in some cases handles the implementation without the client's assistance.

We support businesses to optimise the structure of their finance and operational functions to improve their contribution to the business.

We structure our support to ensure that the business is best placed to address challenges of achieving appropriate standards of control, efficient back office opportunities and support to the business through insight and challenge.

  • Maintaining compliance and control: Being accountable to the business and to the financial community, businesses have put compliance and control high on the agenda.
  • Driving efficiency: The pressure on funds, resources and capacity has never been greater. Significant gains may come from the elimination of redundant activities, consolidations of activities (for example, through shared services), standardisation and automation of processes. These steps have in some instances resulted in cost savings in excess of 50%.
  • Providing insight and challenge: Insight takes different forms in different businesses. It involves delivery of an effective performance management framework, understanding the key business drivers and challenging and supporting business decisions around these drivers. Equipping the business to deliver effective support on these aspects requires tools and capabilities which are often new to the function. Our experienced industry expert consultants are able to work with business to effectively learn how to manage these new functions.

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